Environmental protection. Human rights. Public welfare.

We offer support with the planning, organisation and implementation of your event. 

We love organising all kinds of events which have sustainability as their key concept, and will support you and your team with the specification of your defined standards. 

We can run the whole managment for you, or act as your competent consultancy who has the needed knowledge. 


Ranging from costumer events or film festivals all the way to youth dance competitions or crowd funding events - If a project moves us, we will supports it with passion and experience to make sure its realisation is achieved. 

Concept development

Every project needs a clear, structred and torough concept. We will gladly take on this challange for you. 

Fundraising support

Years of experience allow us to professionally support you with the fundraising of your project. 

Planning & Implementation

We will make sure your project will be a complete success from the beginning till the end. Part of this includes the total planning and implementation of the concept and strategy. 


Whether it's for a panel discussion or a show - we offer you professional and charming moderation for every occasion. 

Staff education & training

We can organise your staff meetings, create the necessary documents and inform, coordinate and mentor you and your team before, during and after the event.  

Professional post-processing

As soon as your sucessful event is over we set out to the post processing. This includes the budget, location sign-off, learnings etc.


Skilfully we will also administer the available budget and keep close record of all expenses from the beginning till the end.